Fitness Influencers To Follow: Karly Kent

I am excited to share my experiences regarding pregnancy and childbirth. It’s something I’m very passionate about as I home-birthed both of my boys and breastfed for 6 years.


Tell us about your philosophy about health and wellness. Are you focused on performance, on holistic wellness, or on something else?

For true health and wellness, you need a balance of both. A healthy body and a healthy mind. Especially through pregnancy. Yes, I exercised and ate a very clean diet, but it was my mind that I needed to prepare for childbirth the most.

I believe that it is the missing piece for many of us during pregnancy. Reading positive birth stories, watching real videos of women giving birth all help your mind be more at ease during labor.

When we familiarize ourselves with positive birth stories much of the fear and “unknown” aren’t blocking us from having a more enjoyable experience.


Do you have any particular rules around diet, and if so, what are they?

Many of us can agree that eating whole foods or a plant-based diet is best.

With that said, instead of focusing on what you CAN’T eat, focus on what you CAN eat and enjoy it. Truly being able to enjoy what you’re eating by appreciating what it is doing for your body and your growing baby is where you’ll see lasting changes and healthy habits created.


Did you workout during pregnancy? If not, why not, and if so, what did you do?

Yes, I did exercise through both of my pregnancies with running and yoga. Then at 36 weeks, I switched to walking till I gave birth.

It’s important to listen to your body and not what others think you should do.



What are the common beliefs and attitudes about exercise in your region? Do many women exercise during pregnancy? Why or why not?

Here in San Diego, I see a lot of moms working out while pregnant. Even walking the beach or parks is a great form of exercise for you and your baby to be.




Are there any must-have products or services that you relied on that are related to fitness during pregnancy?

I did hypnobirthing during both pregnancies which gave me the confidence and motivation to stay active and healthy during my pregnancies.


If you already gave birth, what was the post-pregnancy recovery like for you?

I had two home births. My first was a water birth and the second came so fast that I birthed him on the street!


Both recoveries were very smooth and I believe a big part of that was staying active, believing in my body, reading positive birth stories, and eating healthy throughout my pregnancies.


What is your secret to balancing everything – childcare, work, extended family, friends – while staying healthy? Is it possible?

Finding a balance of work and being a mom is always a struggle. Knowing that and accepting that some days will just be more balanced than others. Nobody is perfect and it’s healthy for our kids to see that.

With that said, there is always time to eat healthily and add in exercise throughout your day. Whether you’re at the park with your kids or working from home. There are many exercises including jumping rope 😉 That can help you get in some cardio.


What’s the best way to follow you, and what do you usually post about?

Instagram: @jumprope_mom

I post daily jump rope workouts, tutorials, inspiration, and real mom-life posts. I’m here to help inspire other moms to go after their dreams despite what is being handed to them. Come jump with me!

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