Fitness Influencers To Follow: Brandi Morrison

Tell us about your philosophy about health and wellness. Are you focused on performance, on holistic wellness, or on something else?

Healthy inside is just as important as how we feel we look on the outside. Well-balanced, nutrient-dense eating habits, with adequate sleep/rest. I’m in it for all the benefits. Energy, performance, and being confident (being a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder).


Do you have any particular rules around diet, and if so, what are they?

80-90% of the time, having healthier good choices, so you can still enjoy some goodie foods. I don’t consider them cheat meals, tracking them within my macros. Water, fruits, and lots of veggies. Lean proteins and low glycemic complex carbs. Going back to the healthy insides/gut health.

Did you work out during pregnancy? If not, why not, and if so, what did you do?

I did, some pregnancies more than the other. My last pregnancy was really hard on me and was uncomfortable after I got past morning sickness that went into week 20. I couldn’t even hold down crackers in the 1st trimester of all my pregnancies. It was harder to try and get any activity in, in the beginning stages of mine. I wanted to stay active and I enjoy working out.

What are the common beliefs and attitudes about exercise in your region? Do many women exercise during pregnancy? Why or why not?

I think it’s becoming more normal and less frowned upon. I still see comments from both, congratulatory to questioning pregnant women.


Are there any must-have products or services that you relied on that are related to fitness during pregnancy?

Not really. 

If you already gave birth, what was the post-pregnancy recovery like for you?

My first was the hardest but still cleared with all 4, at my 6 weeks appointments to be able to exercise again.


What is your secret to balancing everything – childcare, work, extended family, friends – while staying healthy? Is it possible?

Time management. Meal prepping. It’s possible. When we couldn’t make it to the gym, we worked out outside, inside, etc playing with them, making it fun for them too using them as weights for squats on our shoulders, etc. When they were newborns, it’s a different new routine with breastfeeding and that taking priority during anything. 


What’s the best way to follow you, and what do you usually post about?

Instagram would be ideal: @vikingqueen_of4boys



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